Breeding Stock for Sale

Angora Goats:

I have a 4-year old Angora buck for sale.  Kyle is unregistered, but has a wonderful temperament, and beautiful fleece.  It is finer than most bucks we’ve had, and has stayed soft even with the testosterone!  He has been my favorite buck so far, as he is sensible and a bit shy.  Always takes care of the girls.

I have a 15/16 Angora, 1/16 Nigerian doe available (Lynette). She reliably produces twins and is an excellent mother.


We had a pair of purebred twins born on Easter Sunday!  The ram lamb is white, and the ewe is black and white.  The ram lamb is for sale at weaning (after June 16th).

We also have two Finn-Shetland ewes available at this time.

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