A New Breed of Goat and Still Loving the FinnSheep

Last Fall we made the decision to sell the Angora Goat herd. Yarn with Angora (Mohair) was not as popular as the straight FinnSheep wool yarns, and the Angoras were not as hardy as I would have liked. I found a lady in Missouri that specializes in Angora Goats and she was delighted to buy the herd of 13!

On that same trip I went many miles west to pick up 3 Sawyer does. These are Spanish goats, better known as “brush goats”. While they don’t produce fleece, they do produce meat and clear the pastures of things that the sheep should not be eating. Sounds good to me! SUPER hardy, these goats kid well regardless of the weather, are excellent mothers, are parasite resistant, and cuter than you-know-what.

The sheep herd is up to 46 at this time. We have 16 new ewe lambs, 14 wethers, and 16 of the original ewes. I will be culling a couple of the older ewes soon and selling the wethers in the late fall. Hoping to get down to a manageable 30 head by winter. If you are interested in purebreds or cross-breds, please contact me soon!

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