28 sheep and growing!

I knew all the ewes were bred, but I don’t think I fully understood the impact of that.  The barn is FULL!  Babies everywhere.  (Onni chose to have quads, and is managing them very well).  I finally just opened the other side of the barn to give them more room.  The snow has melted and the “flood waters” have receded…. so they are venturing out onto a larger pasture.  We now have 28 sheep, with 14 of them being lambs.  Also 10 Angora goats, with 3 of them being kids.  The younger does did not breed last fall, and that’s ok with me.  I don’t like babies having babies.  I will need to sell at least 10 of the lambs after they wean.  Let me know if you are interested!  We can work something out!2019 Quads.jpgclun&targhee.jpg

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